Gestalt Psychotherapist Natalia Grigorian   

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Professional Psychotherapy Training

Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy - Four Years

I have successfully completed a four year training, achieving a Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy with the Scarborough Psychotherapy Training Institute, United Kingdom.

This professional training is of the high standard required to obtain accreditation with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.

The Diploma is equivalent to post graduate masters level and during my time of study the training programme drew from the extensive professional and academic experience of ScPTI and visiting trainers. There was an emphasis on clinical skills, professional competence and personal growth, together with a range of modes of assessment and criteria of assessment based on current good practice in higher education.

The main four areas/focuses of study were:

  • psychotherapy theories
  • clinical practice
  • supervision
  • personal development

Scarborough Psychotherapy Training Institute (ScPTI)

SCPTI is a full member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and therefore provides accredited training that enables graduates to enter the UKCP national register of professional psychotherapists.

The Scarborough Psychotherapy Training Institute keeps abreast of developments within the wider community of Psychotherapy through its membership of the:

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, United Kingdom Association for Therapeutic Counselling, United Kingdom Association for Psychotherapy Integration, European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy, European Association for Gestalt Therapy, European Association for Psychotherapy.

ScPTI trainers have a wealth of experience and expertise within the field of psychotherapy. ScPTI trainers and members have contributed to the development of the profession of psychotherapy within the UK and worldwide through their membership and leadership of international psychotherapy organisations. ScPTI members have held posts including: President European Association for Psychotherapy, Founding President European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy, President European Association for Gestalt Therapy, Chair Humanistic & Integrative Section of UKCP, Training Standards Officer UKCP as well as sitting on advisory panels and committees. This commitment to the profession of psychotherapy, and its pursuit of ever higher training and clinical standards, aims to ensure the quality and professionalism of psychotherapy for the public.

ScPTI Web Site

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

UKCP's primary goal is the regulation of psychotherapists and the public accountability of their practice.

The UKCP exists to promote and maintain the profession of psychotherapy and the highest standards in the practice of psychotherapy for the benefit of the public.

I work in compliance with the UKCP Codes of Ethics and Practice.

UKCP Web Site

Language skills

Previously an interpreter and translator between Norwegian, English and Russian, I have been living and  working in Norway for the past 15 years.

My language skills enable me to provide psychotherapy not only to native Norwegian speakers, but also to English- or Russian-speakers.

Translation/interpreting projects I have found of particular interest/challenge:

  • Sea Launch - working as part of the Sea Launch Development Team (Moss Maritime AS, formerly Kværner Maritime AS) providing simultaneous interpreting and translation for five years. A challenging joint project between Norwegians,  Russians, Ukrainians and Americans, leading to the successful lift-off of the world's first satellite payload launched from the sea.
  • Opera Mountain Airplane Crash - In 1996, I received a commendation from the Norwegian Crime Police after providing my translation/interpreting services and helping to identify victims of the 1996 Airplane crash at Opera Mountain, Spitsbergen.
  • Norwegian Writers' Association Symposium - Simultaneous interpretation during a Freedom of Speech conference in Stavanger.
  • Norwegian Sami Association - Interpreting between Russian and Norwegian Samis during a conference in Karasjok, Northern Norway.


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