Gestalt Psychotherapist Natalia Grigorian   

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Codes of Ethics and Professional Practice

An important requirement of accreditation with UKCP and membership of ScPTI is that I am required to observe their codes of ethics and professional practice.

The purpose of these codes is:

  • to define general values and principles, and to establish standards of professional conduct for psychotherapists, and
  • to inform and protect the members of the public who seek psychotherapy services.

As a Gestalt psychotherapist and a member of ScPTI, I am responsible for the observation of the principles inherent in these codes of ethics and professional practice, and am to use these codes as the basis of good practice rather than as a set of minimal requirements.

The codes are intended to be beneficial not only for the protection of clients, but are also meant to protect the therapist by establishing standards of conduct that clarify the boundaries of practice and accountability in the work setting.

I follow the codes of ethics and professional practice of ScPTI and UKCP.


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