Gestalt Psychotherapist Natalia Grigorian   

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Natalia Grigorian - Gestalt Therapist


Gestalt Psychotherapist Natalia Grigorian

I am a qualified psychotherapist living and working in Oslo, Norway. My qualifications include a Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy, a four-year training entitling me to professional accreditation with UKCP (the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy).  Please visit my 'Professional Qualifications and Skills' page to learn more. UKCP is an internationally recognised body regulating the practice of over 7000 psychotherapists in the United Kingdom and worldwide. You can visit UKCP's web site to find out more about its requirements for high standards of practice (UKCP-external site).

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt ImageAs a qualified Gestalt psychotherapist I provide a formal and professional relationship within which my clients can profitably explore difficult, and often painful, emotions and experiences. These may include feelings of anxiety, depression, trauma, or perhaps the loss of meaning in one's life. It is a process which seeks to help one gain an increased capacity for choice and through which an individual becomes more self-reliant and self-determined. Psychotherapy can be provided for adults, children or couples. Please visit my 'About Gestalt Therapy' page for more information about Gestalt psychotherapy.

Examples of Issues Addressed in Therapy

Depression □ Anxiety □ Stress □ Relationship Difficulties □ Phobias □ Eating Disorders □ Bereavement □ Addiction □ Low Self-Esteem □ Dealing with Illness □ Anger □ Change □ Loss □ Loneliness □ Panic


Language BridgeI can offer psychotherapy in three languages: English, Norwegian and Russian. Prior to training as a Gestalt therapist I worked as an interpreter and translator. During this time I worked as a member of the Sea Launch Development Team providing simultaneous interpreting and translation for five years. Also, in 1996, I worked with the Norwegian Crime Police providing my translation/interpreting services, and identifying victims of the 1996 Airplane crash at the Opera Mountain, Spitsbergen. Please visit my 'Professional Qualifications and Skills' page to read more about my language skills.


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